Social Responsibility

Former Services

We realize that our farmer is our partner as well as the backbone of our business. Our core strength lies in the prosperity of our farmer. We, therefore, continue to facilitate him and provide extension services, such as:

  • Fertilizers on credit.
  • Free supply of Mud, which is a very healthy soil nutrient.
  • High yielding cane as seed on credit.
  • Prompt payment of cane bills. We can proudly state that we make 100 percent payments to our farmer within a week during the crushing and at the closure of season each year.
  • Seminars/field visits by leading scientists to educate our farmer on modern farming techniques.
  • Videos and pamphlets to make our farmer aware of recent trends in the industry that could impact his business.
  • Pest-scouting program headed by a foreign PhD to diagnose and then eradicate pests in specific farms, which have been infested.

Cane Research and Development

The Product and Process Improvement Program conducts research and development aimed at enhancing the quality of cane and sugar. It also identifies new methods and technology that will simplify and speed the monitoring of quality parameters – for instance, using near infrared spectroscopy to accurately analyze the constituents of sugarcane on the mill conveyor belt, in real time

Sugar is produced in the Cane Field and not in the Sugar Factory. Sugar cane constitutes 90% of the manufacturing cost of sugar and the viability of sugar factory solely depends on the availability of sugarcane from cane growing areas for crushing in the factory.

Additionally, the numbers of seminars in close co-ordination with Sugarcane Research team were organized. In all the seminars not only the Scientists but also the officers of the Cane Dept. of the factory emphasized the need to adopt various improved agricultural practices for increasing the yield of the sugarcane field. For convincing the farmers they had been shown the documentary films and fields in which practices have been adopted.

Health, Safety & Environment

Ensuring the health and safety of Macca Group’s employees, workers and contractors, likely to be affected by the Company’s operations is one of the basic corporate objectives, and as a priority it ranks equally with market share and profit. Macca Group provides EOBI, Social Security, and Health Insurance to its all employees.